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 Helping Businesses, Communities, and Individuals

find their Better Tomorrow 

We live in a world where we can access information as fast as our fingers bring it up on a screen. This can lead companies, communities, and individuals to look outward, striving to attain what others have or are doing. Rather than getting lost in the chase, at Better Tomorrow we focus on helping you look inward first; to help you understand, value, and leverage your own strengths and abilities and then develop a plan for you to attain your goals and create your Better Tomorrow.

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We have significant experience in continuous improvement consulting and coaching as well as extensive knowledge and skills in project management and integration

Our Master Black Belt certified consultant is ready to implement Lean Six Sigma principles to solve your problems.

Your business's success requires a strong team to support its endeavors. Let us use our years of team development experience to empower your employees to join forces and strengthen your organization.


Whether you want to hire us to do the work or to train and coach your staff to complete the work yourself, we can be the partner you need to meet tomorrow's goals.

We have a combined 40 years of experience in mentoring and coaching. Whether you are a graduating soon and on the cusp of entering the workplace, changing career paths, or in pursuit of an executive role, our comprehensive career coaching will help you get ahead and prepare you for the tomorrow you have envisioned. We see you as an individual, a whole person, and we work with you to tailor a plan that fits your unique set of goals.


Inspire your team or students by inviting Ben O'Donnell to shares his unique story. This career professional and triathlete nearly lost his life in early 2020 after building a successful career as an executive and completing an Ironman. Ben will talk about his fight to get his life back, rebuild and refocus both personally and professionally, and find success again.

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A Better Tomorrow for all is our mission. We are excited to expand our business, offering services to support the growth of children, families, and communities. As adults, we continue to learn and grow to better ourselves, our work, and our families. Imagine if you had learn those lessons earlier. If the healthy strategies you have developed were habits so engrained in your being they were like reflexes. 


We have expanded our team and our catalogue of services to include Social Emotional Learning and Community Building Workshops for teachers, students, and parents. Our seasoned educators offers proven methods to help teachers seamlessly integrate strategies into their classrooms, to support parents with tools to help their children manage challenging emotions and build resiliency, and a targeted curriculum to build  interpersonal skills, strengthen mindset, and cultivate empathy in tomorrow's leaders. 

Available Fall 2022

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"In my formative experiences as an undergraduate student, Dr. Deanna O’Donnell saw to it personally that I was able to not only succeed academically, but personally and professionally. As a member in the inaugural class of students in her co-lead initiative for professional and academic development, I was provided with experience, networking, and skills to support my own personal development and hone in on my pathway to a fulfilled and engaging career. Deanna knew that it was not just the academic achievement or the number of organizational memberships on my CV that would bring out my strengths and help me define my individual goals. She also supported my development holistically with access to professionals in my areas of interest, encouraged and supported me emotionally, and even helped write that CV. She took the time, among dozens of her other students, to really get to know me personally and help me form the ideas and excitement to inspire my current work. To this very day, almost seven years later, I still feel the encouragement and support which ensures that my individual interests and goals are taken into consideration when I return as an alumni and, now, colleague for guidance. I couldn't recommend her expertise highly enough!"

Rachel Mazac, Doctoral Student at University of Helsinki

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