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Children Embracing in Circle

Education and Community Development

Coming 2023

Our mission is a Better Tomorrow for all, including our next generation. No matter what path our little future leaders choose to take, they need a strong social and emotional foundation to compliment their traditional academic training. We are busy creating new services to teach our youth to look inward to recognize and manage challenging emotions,  build their resiliency, instill a growth mindset, cultivate empathy, and develop interpersonal skills so they can be strong leaders for our communities. Coming in 2023, these new services will compliment our existing catalogue of business consulting and individual career coaching to serve all aspects of the community.


We have expanded our team to included a brilliant, creative, dynamic, empathetic, and highly effective educator, Heather Hollett. She is busy building one-day and multi-day workshops that she can tailor for an audience of teachers, parents, or students.  Her research-based curriculum is rooted in Social Emotional Learning.

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