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Motivational Speaking

At Better Tomorrow, we believe that lives can change for the better when we share our stories. We are all more alike than we often recognize and stories remind us of that truth. Stories are how we learn; inspiring us to think bigger, change our perspective on our circumstances, inspire us to look within and also reach higher than we thought possible. They often lead us to find gratitude in what we do have in life. And the powerful thing about stories is that we can learn the lesson of the storyteller without going through the same hardships if we listen with an open mind and heart. 

Ben O'Donnell is an inspirational speaker with the ability to grab an audience quickly through his effective storytelling and personable approach. He believes life is about continual improvement, which is a mindset and a journey that is never ending and involves looking inside, not outside. He is passionate about helping others discover that for themselves. But you are not going to hear him give the tired recycled messages of traditional motivational speakers, defining success and the personal sacrifices and costs it takes to get there. For so many years Ben was doing all the "right" things to create a world that he and society had defined as successful. Nearly losing the life he had worked so hard to create for himself changed him and gave him a type of clarity that humans have difficulty finding in the absences of tragedy. The tragic and joyous events in his life over the previous few years had already started him on a path taking stock in things, reevaluating his values and goals, and then taking steps to reprioritize his career, the people in his life, and his health to better live those values.


Recalibrate the definition of success is his new formula. Own and then live your own definition of success. His life experience has taught him that a job is a pin on a map and a career is a journey. Your career should support your values and goals, both personally and professionally. To live that philosophy, you will have to make difficult decisions and be comfortable with change, at least in the short term. The people in your life serve a purpose, short or long term, and the ones who earn a spot in your inner circle should be prioritized. And with all of that in mind, Ben will also tell you that the body you were given at birth is a gift, cliché but true. A truth he knows all too well. It is the biological machine that transports you, gives you the power to move mountains, and can bring you down if you do not protect it, understand how it works, and prioritize its function. Only then will you be able to sustainably live your definition of success. Check out his story highlighted in various news outlets below and see for yourself. We would love to work with your school or organization to set up a speaking engagement.

In the news...

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